Education the Key to Empowering Your Foster Child


Education the Key to Empowering Your Foster Child

There are many ways that you can empower your foster child whether you are a parent or you work with foster children and want to get the best outcomes for their learning and development. Children grow through learning and this enables them to flourish and reach their full potential.

Empowerment is defined by the Oxford dictionary as having the ability to become more “stronger and confident” and also enables children to feel valued and significant in what they want to achieve in their own lives.

Children need to be given the opportunity to engage and learn through a variety of experiences that are not just confined to the classroom. You may be a parent who likes to read different books to your children, play board games which tests children’s maths skills or find more creative tasks such as painting or drawing.  These types of activities that can be implemented in your daily life can help to spur kids’ imagination and give them the chance to explore their interests.

Here are some of the reasons why we should empower children through education:

Open up opportunities

Learning and knowledge creates new opportunities whether you want to support your child with writing stories or drawing or if they are older do some online training, all these experiences add up to and  culminate in enhanced skills. The more skills and training a person can acquire, the better they can perform.

Build up self esteem and confidence

A child can build up confidence through practicing skills and learning and also helps to improve their overall self esteem. Confidence and self esteem enable children to be happy and can enable them to make informed life choices.

Better learners

Learning, reading and writing and developing your child’s skills can make children better learners. Encouragement goes a long way and many children can feel that they are able to try out new skills and embark on new training due to having the support and encouragement from their foster parents.

We hope that the benefits of empowering your child will motivate you to support your child throughout their placement with you and give them the confidence, drive and motivation to learn and further excel in all that they want to do.

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