An extremely rewarding role

Fostering is an extremely rewarding role, whereby carers look after a child / young person for an agreed period of time working alongside a fostering agency and/or the local authority.

Fostering is encouraged in Islam and there is great importance placed on looking after vulnerable children and those who are orphaned.

There is a hadith about the virtue of taking care of the orphans:

From Sahl bin Sa’ad (may Allah be pleased with him), he said: “The Messenger of Allah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “I and the one who looks after an orphan will be like this in Paradise,” showing his middle and index fingers and separating them.”

[Sahih al-Bukhari : Book 68, Hadith 53]

Fostering recruitment process

Express your Interest

Start by filling in an application to express your initial interest in fostering

Speak with our Recruitment Team

Our recruitment advisor will go through the process of fostering and assist you with any question that you may have about the process.

Referrel to Fostering Agency

You will then by referred to a relevant fostering agency or local authority and they will take over your application file.

Financial Support

Once you are an approved foster carer you will be provided with an allowance. It is important to note that part of the allowance will go towards the child's needs and the other part will be for the carer.

That exact amount of financial support will be based according to the policies in place at different local authorities and fostering agencies. Once you are officially approved as a foster carer you have to register as a self-employed individual with the HMRC and file your annual tax returns.

What support is available

Muslim Foster Network supports potential foster carers through carrying out our own vetting system and one to one liaison with an approved foster carer or trained team member who interviews potential foster carers.

Our support extends to further answering any questions you may have whilst trying to put your mind at ease. We intermediate between local authorities, independent foster agencies and prospective foster carers and in doing so carry out referrals. We also follow up and check the progress of applicants and follow through with feedback.


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