Interview with Newly Approved Foster Carer Sofia Begum


Interview with Newly Approved Foster Carer Sofia Begum

Tell us a bit about yourself and how does it feel to be an approved foster carer? 

We are proud parents of 5 and are from Bangladesh originally and we are Muslims. We are both passionate about cooking. It feels amazing to be an approved foster carer knowing that I can help others now that my children are older.

Why did you want to become a foster carer?

We wanted to become foster carers as our children have grown and some have moved out, meaning that we have space in our home and time in our life to help nurture another person.  I have also seen my brothers who already foster carers and have been inspired by them and their success stories with fostering and how they have enjoyed and learnt a lot from their experience.

What type of support did you receive from Muslim Foster Network/My Foster Family?
I received great support from Muslim Foster Network/My Foster Family and the team.

How do you find the process to becoming a foster carer?

I found it well organised and informative, all my queries were answered well.

What advice would you give to those who might be thinking about fostering?

I think they should research and find out more so they can see if it suits them well and then take the steps in becoming a carer.

What is the best thing about foster caring?

The best thing about foster caring is being able to improve and help someone’s quality of life.

What your thoughts on foster caring being a means to positively transform a child’s life?

 It’s an amazing opportunity to help positively shape a child’s life and help them. 

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