Understanding Why Children Go Into Care


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Understanding Why Children Go Into Care

According to statistics from The Fostering Network over 65,000 children live with almost 55,000 foster families across the UK each day, but what are the main reasons why children go into foster care in the first place?


If you are thinking of fostering a child it is worth understanding some of the reasons behind why a children may have been placed into care in the first place so that it enables you to be better prepared in giving them a stable and loving home.


  1. Abuse

Abuse is just one of the reasons why children go into care and can take the form of mental or physical abuse often exerted on one of the parents or on the children themselves. It is not safe for a child to be in the care of a violent parent who could put the child at risk. It is therefore one of the most significant reasons of children going into care.

  1. Neglect

Sometimes children are left without their basic needs and this is a one of the reasons why  a court may choose to remove the child from the home. Neglect includes leaving a child alone for an extended period, lack of access to food or clean environment to live in, or lack of necessary medical care.

  1. Illness

Sometimes a parent’s health makes it difficult for them to take  care of their children. If there is not a family member available to step in, foster care may be considered.

  1. Death

Many children who come into care are orphaned due to their parents dying and they may not have any other family members who would be able to look after them.

There are many other reasons why a child may be put into care such as when a parent is suffering from a drug addiction and the children consequently suffer.



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