Be Inspired: Interview with Foster Parent Najma Khan


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My Foster Family is pleased to highlight the work of inspirational foster carers in our community that have gone the extra length to help transform a child’s life. Today we interview, Najma Khan.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey in fostering?

I am approved foster carer for last 7 years. My husband is also a foster carer and a big support to me. During this period I fostered 4 teenagers  and 3 children. My fist child  was an emergency placement but was the longest one and  ended after six and half year. We are  recently transferred to a new agency located in Birmingham and looking forward to work with them.


What has been the best part of your experience in fostering?

Our best part of experience was with our first child who was although not culturally matched with us but the attachment developed between us was overwhelming. The child was a complex needs with different disabilities. He was like a book to us which help us to gain knowledge . We, not only learn through trainings but did our personal research to understand the needs of the child and help him with best possible way. Three things were common in every chapter of this book and those were love,  care and empathy.



How do you find the process to becoming a foster carer?

I can say my views divided in 2 parts. One when I decided to become foster carer and started process with IFA. It started with skill to foster training and ended with a hope and assurances of bundle of support from professionals and it looks at that time passionate, encouraging and ambitious.

In my recent CAMHS training I told them that after 7 years I still remember that at skill to foster training they make a diagram with foster carer in the middle and with arrows they showed a lot of professionals and told us that in journey of fostering you are not alone you have a lot of support but now I can say that they left us alone in this journey. All passions. Encouragement and ambition is only yours to continue in this journey.


What advice would you give to those who might be thinking about fostering?

Although I had a lot of issues with previous IFA and few with LA but I find fostering rewarding. When you bring a Positive change in child’s life it gives you great happiness.

If you are passionate to bring the change in child’s life and you have spare room and time than fostering is lifetime achievement.

Just one advice, Children needs should always comes first, focus on standards and if you see anything against standards be the whistle blower because IFA’s are not selling goods to increase their bank balances, this is the matter of child’s welfare.


How do you think we can break down the stigma of fostering in our community?

The review and reforms in care system is the need of the time. It was in manifesto of Tory government and although I am not voter and fan of conservatives but some recent news gives me hope that they will review care system and I am hoping that this review will bring positive change in care system  and will only focus on the welfare of the children.


What your thoughts on being a means to positively transform a child’s life through fostering?

By bringing positive change in child’s life gives you lifetime achievement , happiness and in deep down your heart great satisfaction.


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