Fun Activities for Kids Whilst at Home

Fun Activities for Kids Whilst at Home

The current situation of Coronavirus has left many parents wondering how best to keep their kids safe, happy and occupied. Apart from home schooling, there are other fun activities that you could do to nurture the wellbeing of your child whilst staying at home.


It is important to remember that kids need love, care, stability and a bit of fun in their lives and there are many kids who may be anxious at the current changes to their lives right now.  The government has set up the hungry little minds campaign which you may want to visit if you have young children from babies up to 3-5 years old.


Here are some fun activities we thought up for you to do whilst at home with your child!





There are plenty of kids workouts that you could do on YouTube with your kids whilst they may be missing their PE lessons at school. You can recreate the experience of PE by following a professional trainer on YouTube and letting your kids blow off some steam and feel good after a run around the house. You may even want to let your kids do some kids yoga, dancing or indoor kids gym exercises. Exercise is not only fun but is also vital for physical and mental wellbeing and can be a great way of reducing anxiety and stress.





There is nothing more exciting than the smell of a freshly baked cake just waiting to be decorated! Why not get baking with the kids and try making some cupcakes. You can get chocolate chips, sprinkles and make your own butter icing to decorate them and watch your little ones faces light up. You may even want your kids to use their creative skills when decorating and they could make personalised cup cakes or try their best to replicate a design of a cake from YouTube!




Get creative by giving your kids some colour pencils and give them an object to draw. This could be a flower pot, a painting or they could even draw each other! Drawing is a great way to keep the kids occupied and get their creative juices flowing.



Home Treasure Hunt


Bring the fun of a treasure hunt indoors by organising a treasure hunt in your living room or around the house. You can choose to hide chocolates or some of your kids toys and get them to go on a hunt.



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