Happy New Year 2021 from all of us at My Foster Family



Happy New Year from all of us at My Foster Family! We hope that this year brings you all health, prosperity and success. The last year has been an unprecedented one, with communities grappling with Coronavirus and each one of us having to adapt to the ‘new norm’ of Zoom calls and social distancing.

With the rise of the pandemic, there has also been an increased demand for children in need of care and we are committed to helping every single foster carer and potential adopter to aid in their journeys. 

Now more than ever is a time for reconnecting with each other online through the use of video calling which is why we will be utilising Zoom for our webinars this year. We would have loved to have seen everyone in person but due to the current restrictions surrounding Covid-19 this will not be possible. We hope that everyone will be staying safe and at home and will still continue to provide information, events and assistance to potential foster carers and those wishing to adopt a child.

We will also be hoping to fundraise for our annual Ramadan gift boxes which will be sent out to local authorities and foster carers to give them some goodies for Ramadan and Eid to spend with their foster child. We will be releasing details of how you can donate towards the gift boxes shortly so stay tuned to our blogs and keep updated with our website for further updates!

We are pleased to be running a series of webinar events on fostering and adoption this year with our first events scheduled from January- March. You can sign up for our events and register your interest here: https://myfosterfamily.com/ If you are considering becoming a foster carer these webinars will be an invaluable opportunity to get the information you need.

The dates for the following webinars which will be held on Zoom which are as follows:

January 8th 2021 – 8pm

February 12th 2021- 8pm

March 12th 2021 – 8pm

There is  still an urgent need to recruit more foster carers from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities to meet the cultural and religious needs of children coming into care which is why it is crucial that this year is the year for spearheading that change.

We look forward to speaking to more potential foster carers and adopters and hope that this year we will be able to make a bigger impact than the last year and provide love and stability to children in the wider community through fostering and adoption.

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