The Virtues of Fostering


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The Virtues of Fostering

There are unprecedented virtues in fostering a child, providing them with a stable and loving home that enables the child to grow in a safe and happy environment. It takes a special individual to make the decision to foster and look after children who do not have parents or who have parents but are put into care.

For a family, introducing a new foster child and welcoming them into the family is a big and important step. It is therefore important that you feel ready to undertake this important responsibility and be an amazing individual who gives a deserving a child a home of love and stability. It takes great courage and a kind heart to step into fostering and the Muslim Foster Network supports all those who make this life changing decision.

What are some of the main virtues and benefits of fostering? In this blog we attempt to shed some light on just some of the numerous virtues that fostering can bring into your life!


Transform a child’s life

Many children coming into foster care come from deprived homes, domestic violence, straight from government authorities or are put up for foster care as a refugee. Becoming a foster carer enables you to transform a child’s life and give them a life that they deserve to have, one that is safe, stable, happy and encourages their growth both mentally and spiritually.  You can play a significant role in making a huge difference to a foster child and give them a home full of lasting memories.


Feeling privileged to foster

Not everyone can be a foster carer. You need to be ready both financially and mentally to be able to care for a child and may go through various CRB checks, however, applying to foster is encouraged whatever your situation is if you have the passion and motivation to really make a difference to a child’s life. It is an utmost privilege to take care of a child and become part of their life and one that will remain with you for a lifetime.


A chance to learn new skills

Whether you are a parent already who wants to foster a child or beginning to start your journey in becoming a foster carer you will certainly develop new found skills in communicating in order to meet the needs of your foster child and make the transition as easy as possible for the both of you.


Enhance the community

 Being a foster carer provides you with the chance to enhance your community by enabling a child to grow and reach their full potential. With the rise of many children in broken homes, this can leave children heavily affected both physically and mentally. This can also impact the wider community if children are left unattended and not given the support and love they need. Therefore, fostering gives you the chance to really make an impact and change a child’s life for the better!

If you are considering becoming a foster carer do get in touch with My Foster Family today to register your interest and make that first life-changing step!

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